About San Marin Neighbors


We have created this website, San Marin Neighbors, so that residents of all the various San Marin neighborhoods can connect with each other and share news about what’s going on that may be detrimental or advantageous to the folks and families living here. THERE ARE NO FEES OR DUES to participate in this communication group and never will be.

There is some question as to whether the San Marin Improvement Association (SMIA) http://smiablog.blogspot.com, is adequately representing the concerns of all the San Marin neighbors, and we were told by them, that we cannot use their website or share email addresses to talk to other members about various issues of concern. While we appreciate all of their hard work with the annual Halloween parade, garage sales, etc. there are also pressing environmental neighborhood issues.

For example, here is a video we researched and produced after we learned at a 9/19/18 SMIA meeting, that the Novato Unified School District (NUSD) is planning to sell or develop the 23-acre San Andreas school site location for housing.

NUSD has suggested that this housing would be affordable and only for teachers and/or other city workers, and while this would be very hard to regulate via deed restrictions, as you can see with the video, there’s a far more urgent issue that needs to be addressed first; the potential toxic waste from five gas leaks from a former Texaco gas station adjacent to the current open space. We are happy to share all of the documentation that we have obtained on this website, and/or to you directly via an email request.

While hardly anyone doubts that affordable housing isn’t a serious issue in this city, this county and the entire Bay Area, hazardous environmental concerns must take precedent over the need for the NUSD to garner more money.

Also, as we’ve been talking to residents in various areas of San Marin, there are other concerns they would like addressed, and we’d like to offer you a chance to post those here. Please, be courteous and transparent. Note, a “no trespassing” sign for trolls exists here.

We’ve been living here for the past 35 years, and our three children went through the NUSD from kindergarten through high school, and we were active volunteers. They all received a fantastic education throughout and the teachers were devoted and exceptional in every way, and we have nothing but praise for them.

As far as we understand it, the NUSD is currently obtaining a feasibility study on the potential for development and we will await the results of that study and look forward to additional comments at that time.


Chris and Don Scioli